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 by Victor Andres

If you are looking for a unique family keepsake, or be remembered for making a significant contribution in a home transaction,what better way to express it than to give a custom watercolor painting of their home. As a realtor, contractor or mortgage broker, seeking to promote future business, this can be a very appropriate closing gift that will act as a continual reminder of your services.
With each original watercolor I can include notecards which can be sent out as a change of address notification with the image  and whatever other information they may want to include such as the realtor or banks name.
I have been creating custom home portraits for the last ten years and am currently working with a large developer to provide renderings for  their marketing brochures. I can work from digital photographs  taken from various settings in order to provide  the best possible composition.
For more information on pricing  and availability you may contact me at info@andreswatercolors.com.





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